Jacquexline Vistabel® Botox®

Practitioner: Jacqueline Farrow

Tel: 01442 383173

Aesthetic facial treatments using Vistabel® available in the Tring area

(Vistabel® contains the same Botulinum toxin as Botox® and is made by the same company)

All kinds of treatment are available at

"Diffusion", High St., Tring Tel: 01442 8239990 or in the comfort of your own home Tel: 01442 383173

I am a practising Healthcare Professional with over 25 years experience and also qualified to administer an affordable treatment to those who wish to reduce the common site facial lines - crow’s feet, forehead creasing, frown lines, and other facial creases.

Vistabel® is administered by injection via a micro needle at specific points on the face. The treatment gradually takes effect over a week to ten days. After two or three weeks it will be working fully. The effect of this treatment lasts, on average, for three to four months.

Most people find that the injections cause hardly any discomfort. Immediately after the treatment, there may be mild swelling, which usually disappears after 30 minutes.

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